Modern Interior Design



In a residential project, our clientele usually falls into two categories which range between full furniture projects or remodel & new build construction projects. However, most of the time it is both! Since our design firm is very experienced in construction, the majority of our projects typically include some type of renovation. Each residential project requires that we take a careful look at all of the client's needs and wishes as well as budget, timeline, and unique characteristics. There are no two projects that are exactly alike and we embrace those unique needs of each client.


For a commercial project, we use the same organized approach and we simply replace the personal list of our residential clients with a brand based approach as the driving force. The design decisions are based towards emphasizing the ideas that reflect the business and the brand of each company we work with. 


When buying a home it is often hard to see the space as "livable". Here at Nazeli Design we help you to create a space that any client can relate and envision for their next home.

With our home staging services you get to book a complimentary consultation, and it is our job to ensure that your vision is reflected within the space. 


The world of technology has made it easier for clients to access design remotely, and at the touch of their fingertips. Whether it's a bedroom makeover or a fresh look for your office, our designers will make sure from the moment we start crafting your space, up until the last finishing touches, that all your needs are met by our standards. Even though we are not physically there, we will still fully guide you through the entire design process.


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